Monday, March 19, 2012

Julep St. Patrick's Day Mystery Box

As many of you know, Julep Nail Parlor often offers a mystery box at certain holidays. Julep is based out of Washington state and also offers a monthly nail polish subscription service- Julep Maven. 
While I don't subscribe monthly, I really can not resist a Mystery Box. This time around, Julep offered a St. Patrick's Day Mystery Box with "$60 to $200 worth of Julep's best sellers". The box retailed for $60, but with a widely-advertised promo code it was $19.99 plus shipping. 
My box, like many others, arrived today.. two days after St. Paddy's. This really doesn't bother me, as Julep made no guarantees of getting it to me before the 17th. Also, St. Patrick's is not the only day of the year I use nail products.. I'm not sure there is a day of the year that I *don't* use nail products. 
Well, on to the box! Here is what I recieved:
Click on the picture to see it larger..
This is a list of what was in my box, as well as the retail value of each item as listed on
Emma Nail Color- $14.00
Maya Nail Color- $14.00
Sofia Nail Color- $14.00
Peacock Nail Appliques- $14.00
Everyday SPF Hand Cream- $28.00
Essential Cuticle Oil- $18.00
Crystal Nail File- $6.00
Quilted Julep Makeup Bag- 14.99
Total retail value: $122.99
Let's take a closer look at those colors! From L to R, Maya, Sofia, Emma
Also included were five chocolate coins. I know there are only three in the picture.. I ate two of them before I could even photograph the box. So what? Leave me alone. 
The green polish, Sofia, is very pretty and unique. The other two colors are not quite as funky as I usually wear, but I will certainly give them a try. The nail appliques are gorgeous and I needed a new crystal nail file so those were good bonuses, too. I have a million and one makeup bags, but I really like the one they included in this box. It is good quality, super cute, and has pockets on the inside. 
I think I did very well on this box! 19.99 plus shipping for $122.99 worth of product is a pretty good deal. Of course, not all of the boxes had this much stuff, and some had more.. but that is the nature of a Mystery Box! 
Did you get a Mystery Box? How was yours?
Thank you so much for reading! 
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Disclosure: I purchased this product myself for review :o)


  1. you got a great box! i wanted that cosmetic bag SO bad!! my box was standard (#2 box) with 4 coins--i gave 2 to the Husband. my colors include: basecoat, glenn, sofia and emma. you did great, girl :) thanks for your review :)

  2. I know, I was lucky! :o) Normally I wouldn't be too thrilled about a cosmetic bag, like I said, I have a million.. But this one is actually really nice! I got a pretty standard mystery box last time, so I'm happy. Thank you for commenting!! :o)

  3. I get to open mine when I get home in a few hours. Not sure how I am going to feel about it, I have seen a lot of sheer polish colors and I hate sheers :(

  4. Nat, I hope you find at least a few things that you like :o)

  5. OOooOOo I did not know that!!! Thanks!!!

  6. Thanks to the nail junkie, I found your site. You're so funny about the chocolates. I am more than a little jealous of this amazing box AND if Sofia really glows in the dark, I must see it. You have convinced me to buy a mystery box the next time that they are sold.

  7. Thank you Alexis! Sofia DOES glow in the dark.. incredibly!! I tried to take a picture of it but couldn't get it on the camera. Trust me though, the effect is quite bright, especially if you hold your hand up to a light bulb before turning off the lights. Thank you again for reading and please make sure to enter my giveaway!! :o)

  8. I love the look of Sofia! It must be destiny (since my name is Sofie :p)


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