Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Neon Tribal Print Nail Art

Nail art is a trend that is currently taking the beauty world by storm. One of the many interpretations of this trend can be seen in the "Tribal" print nail art that has been popping up all over the place. Inspired by the gorgeous pottery and textiles found in many indigenous cultures all over the world, Tribal print often consists of geometric patterns of lines and dots. Another huge trend this spring is Neon color. I decided to combine the two and paint some freehand tribal nail art over Color Club's Psychedelic Scene (You can check out my full review of the polish here
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To create this look, I first applied a few coats of the Color Club polish, then used a small art brush to paint horizontal lines across my nails in Milani Techno Red and Rad Purple, as well as with a white polish from Sally Girl and Wet n' Wild Ocean Grotto at the bottom for some shimmer. After letting this layer dry, I added a zig zag line with a purple Sharpie, and finally added dots with the end of a bobby pin using the same Sally Girl white as well as Wet n' Wild Black creme. I smoothed everything out with a layer of Seche Vite topcoat.
I think this is a really fun Summer look, and you can customize it using whatever colors you would like. I think a pastel tribal print would look awesome, or maybe a set of nails where each one is a little different. What's nice about nail art like this is that it is very forgiving! If you mess up, you can just fudge it a little and cover up your mistake with more lines, dots, etc.  It is definitely a nail art theme that I'm going to play around with more.
What do you think? Do you do your own nail art?
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  1. That's such a fun design! :-)

    I haven't really done much nail art (I kinda stink!) but it is something I want to try more of this year. Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

  2. Aww thank you for reading!! Give it a try, practice makes perfect!! :o)

  3. This is gorgeous! I never try nail art; I find it hard enough just to paint one colour, let alone drying to put intricate detail on top. But this is so cool! I really love it!

  4. Holy crap! Great job!! I'm too lazy for nail art, I'm afraid. Although, I might try the stamping some day :)

  5. LOL Shannon-Lee I appreciate your honesty! I personally find stamping more difficult/tedious than handpainting.. I can never get it quite right and it drives me nuts!

  6. That's crazy fun! Great job!


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