Friday, April 6, 2012

American Apparel Glitter Topcoats

I popped into American Apparel yesterday to get a simple, lightweight scarf for the Summertime. What did I walk out with? Three bottles of nail polish! Ok, the scarf too.
I was really impressed with these polishes when I saw them.. I love glitter topcoats and there were a little different from others I have seen. Meteor Shower consists of irregular chunks of gold glitter suspended in a clear base.. I think I like this one the best, it really looks like gold leaf! Galaxy is a multi-colored glitter. There are a lot of these on the market, but what makes this one stand out to me is the size of the glitter.. I really dig it! Lastly, Constellation is a pretty unique silver bar glitter.. the pieces are really long!

Shown are two coats each over Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Model Behavior. Application was good on all of these with the exception of Constellation. I really had to play around with the brush, working quickly, to get an even coat of glitter. They took a little longer than usual to dry, but a quick coat of Seche Vite or the like would take care of that. What I liked about these was that all three of them really laid flat on the nail.. no awkward pieces of glitter sticking up or out. The middle polish, Galaxy, looks like it is bumpy in the picture but it is just the way the light hits it. I like collecting glitter topcoats as they can really transform a base color! 
What is your verdict on these? Would you wear any of them?
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Disclosure: I purchased these myself. 


  1. Oh I love these!!! Amazing!!! I want them!!!! Are they on the website?

  2. Ok first of all Model Behavior is beautiful! I'm digging how Meteor Shower looks like gold flake. But I LOVE how Constellation looks over that color. All so pretty! So, yes please! Definitely makes me wish I had an American Apparel here. How much do their polishes run?

  3. Allthough I'm not a huge glitter fan, these are gorgeous all of them, they are a bit different from most :)

  4. I love constellation! Looks really nice!

  5. wow thoes are amazing I need to look for these next time I go in

  6. oh they look great! i love the gold one!


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