Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 2012 Beauty Army Kit!

It is no secret that I LOVE Beauty Army.. My review last month was pretty much like a 13 year old girl talking about Justin Bieber. I had nothing but positives to say.
Unfortunately, this month.... just kidding! I STILL only have positive things to say! I am, as ever, an unbiased reviewer. I have no affiliation with Beauty Army.. but I know and appreciate a great company when I see one. My impression of Beauty Army is that they are an ever-evolving organization. They don't stagnate- they listen to the customer, learn from mistakes, grow and get better each and every month.  I am continually impressed by them. Subscribers asked for a rewards program- Beauty Army introduced a great one. Subscribers asked for the option to skip a month- Beauty Army introduced that feature this month, too. None of the other beauty sample services I subscribe to even come close to having the level of customer service and attentiveness that Beauty Army delivers. Most importantly, they deliver amazing samples!
This month's sample selection was great.. a variety of skincare, haircare, makeup, even tools. I had a hard time narrowing it down to six samples, but here is what I chose this month:
5.1 fl oz Joico K-Pak Reconstruct Deep Penetrating Reconstuctor for Damaged Hair
0.16 fl. oz Cover FX Skin Prep FX Nourishing Foundation Primer and Anti-Aging Serum
0.13 M.A.D Skincare Eye Defense Shielding Serum
Babor Cleansing Hy-Ol and Phytoactive Base (10 ml Each)
2 fl. oz. Indie Lee Lemongrass Body Lotion
1 Karuna Brightening Treatment Mask

These samples range from decent-sized to ENORMOUS! The K-Pak conditioner is huge! The Karuna mask is a really fun kind of sample that I haven't seen before. This is the style of mask that is really popular in Asia right now (this one is made in Taiwan), a cloth mask imbued with beneficial ingredients that you leave on your face for a while to nourish and refresh. I can't wait to try it, but I'm trying to find a quiet moment where I can really relax and enjoy it- I don't want to waste it!
The Indie Lee body lotion is lemongrass scented and smells absoultely amazing..it absorbs fast and feels so nourishing.  But I wasn't expecting anything less from a brand that I've come to know as consistently wonderful!
I'm looking forward to trying the Babor cleansing system, I like samples like this a lot because it is a new/different product to me and not something I would buy right off the shelf without the opportunity to try it first.
Another great box from Beauty Army.. I am already looking forward to the next one!
Thank you so much for reading!
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  1. Thank you soo much for your reviews! I have a question though, are there any of the other monthly beauty programs that you subscribe to that you think are worth it? I find myself going WAY over my budget but I still love the thrill of getting new stuff in the mail monthly!

  2. This makes me happy! I think I'm going to try this over Birchbox? How does it compare to them?

  3. There's an award for you on my page. Stop by for the details =}


  4. Thank you so much. I'm so thrilled you are loving the body lotion. xoxo ~Indie

  5. Thank you for your fabulous review, Beautiful!!


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