Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Barielle Shades Buddha-Ful Swatches and Review

This past weekend at the International Beauty Show I had the opportunity to meet the team behind Barielle, the legendary nail care company. Not only are Barielle's products amazing (I've been using their nail strengthening cream for years), but everyone I spoke to at the company was incredibly pleasant, kind, and gracious. It is really great to buy from a company that you know is made up of nice people!
I was lucky enough to be sent home with some goodies, which I will be reviewing over the coming weeks and months.
First up is Buddha-Ful, a unique and beautiful shade that immediately caught my eye. A lovely, sheer pink-ish nude to begin with, Buddha-Ful is taken to the next level by the dense iridescent green flakies floating in it. This polish is amazing... funky and demure all at once.
It is hard to do this polish justice in pictures.. The flakies shift and shimmer as you move your hands in the light, changing from nearly invisible to bright glowing green. A truly dimensional polish, and totally unique in my stash. I have a frightfully enormous polish collection, so that is saying a lot! I'm looking forward to experimenting with layering this polish, but I already love it on its own. Shown are three coats. This would be a great polish for someone who usually wears nude or "reserved" colors and wants to branch out a bit into something a little different. Formula-wise, this polish was easy as pie. Simple to put on and it had a reasonable drying time.
Have you ever tried Barielle polishes or treatments?
Thank you so much for reading!
All the best,

Disclosure: This product was provided to me by PR for review. As always, I am committed to giving you my honest opinion :o)


  1. Oh my gosh, I love love love this color! Ahhhh, where can I get it?!

    1. Tami, you can get it at barielle.com :o) Also check if your local nail salon carries Barielle, mine does!

  2. I saw a ton of Barielle polishes at winners today..going back tmr to see if they have this gorgeous colour:)
    Sara xx http://beautifulworldoflennynb.blogspot.ca/

  3. Love the flakies, they really make the polish stand out!

  4. that's a beautiful color...flakie...i've never used Barielle nor heard of it really (only seen them offered in sweeps/giveways). it is made in the USA?

  5. I love this polish! They have some really lovely shades. It is great to know that the people are kind!! :D

  6. wow! what an interesting shade! :)

  7. Oh! I think I love this...so different!


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