Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blue Lagoon Nail Art

Today is a gorgeous, sunny Sunday here on the East Coast, and it had me thinking about warmer weather. I wanted to do a beach/water inspired nail art theme, so I got to playing around with some of my blue and green polishes.
The result is what I call my "Blue Lagoon" nail art!

Click to Enlarge! :o)
I started by painting my nails with one coat of NYC Mint Macaron. After this dried, I splotched on little bits of color using a brush with very little polish on it. I used a variety of blues in different finishes and textures to create a multi-dimensional manicure. The technique I used was similar to that of my Galaxy Nails, however I did not use a sponge this time, just the brush in the nail polish bottle. While the polish was still wet I added a couple coats of top-coat, smudging the polish with the brush as I went to get everything blended together with a watercolor-like result.
I love blue and green polishes, and this look allowed me to use a bunch of them!! I used Deborah Lippman's Mermaid's Dream, Jinx by Enchanted Polish, Why Not? by Sinful Colors, and Navigate Her by Essie for the "splotches".
Do you like colorful nail looks? If you are new to nail art, this is a good design to try as it has a lot of "wiggle room"!
Thank you so much for reading!
All the best,


  1. Very pretty! Really does remind me of the beautiful water.

  2. How pretty! It reminds me of the plastic wrap manicure but this has much more depth. Well done!

  3. Thanks for your comments, ladies! :oD

  4. So pretty!!! I have an award for you :-)

  5. this one MIGHT be my fav mani of yours yet! i love how you can incorporate high end w/ less expensive rock, jess!! i love blues, i love watercolour, and i don't love having to work w/ props aka a sponge. thank you for sharing :)


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