Thursday, April 12, 2012

EOS Cucumber Everyday Hand Lotion Review

Most of you are probably familiar with EOS lip balms- those adorable, spherical, fruity little lip products. The packaging is so attractive, and the balm itself is great too. Did you know EOS (Evolution of Smooth) makes hand lotion, too? Neither did I! Here it is:

While shopping at Target I came across this hand lotion, and once again the packaging caught my attention. I have a myriad of hand lotions at home, but really nothing in a good size for my purse. I thought this one was a great size (1.5 oz), and since I really like their lip balms I decided to give the lotion a try.
This lotion is lightweight and totally non greasy.. It spreads and absorbs really well, so you only need a little bit to rub into your hands. I found it nicely hydrating.. but not too much so. Perfect for multiple applications during the day; after washing your hands, for example. I like a heavier lotion at night before bed, to really sink in and hydrate my hands while I sleep. This is not the lotion for that, but like I said it is perfect to keep in your purse for daily use. I can't use anything too heavy or greasy on my hands during the day as it interferes with daily tasks like typing, etc. The packaging is cute and ergonomically-designed.. It fits in your hand easily and the flip-top is really convenient too. It is a great size, too.. You could even carry it in your pocket, yet it has more product than a "travel size" item.
The scent is a pleasant, fresh, classic cucumber fragrance. Its nice and refreshing but not so strong where I feel it competes with whatever perfume I am wearing. The verdict is.. another great product from EOS! I am looking forward to seeing what they release next.
Have you tried their lipbalms or lotions yet?
Thank you so much for reading!
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Disclosure: I purchased this product myself for review. :o)


  1. I just got one of their lip balms, and I really like it! Nice, fruity scent and flavour, doesn't end up making your lips even more chapped. I can't wait to find the lotion here in Canada.

  2. i've always wanted to try their lip balm. i saw it at Walgreens a few years ago, and was intriged! i'm a Burts lipbalms girl...but i see so many people raving over it...must try! and lotion...i'm with you about having lots of day lotions, but none that you can really take with you. thanks for this review :)

  3. I have seen the balms on blogs but I haven't found anything eos in my stores yet. :o( Which is awful cause I'm addicted to balms and lotions!

  4. I bought this today! I just saw it there while I was checking out and grabbed it, love it already!


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