Monday, April 16, 2012

Essence Get Big Lashes! Volume Boost Waterproof Mascara

Today I'm reviewing Essence Get Big Lashes! Volume Boost Waterproof mascara from the new Spring/Summer 2012 collection. I'm going to start with a little background on the brand, because you may not have heard of Essence yet if you live in the U.S... but they are HUGE in Europe! Right now, they are sold at Ulta, HEB, and Fred Meyer but the brand is expanding in North America in a big way.
Essence is a value cosmetics brand.. they offer really high quality products at incredibly low prices. Recently, Essence sent me a few products from their new collection for me to review. I was really impressed with the items I received..(apparently I'm not the only one who is impressed.. I did some light reading on the company and I found that they are the #1 value cosmetics company in the world) The quality is awesome- from the packaging to the products themselves, and you would never guess they retail for what they do! I plan to review all the products on the blog over the next few weeks, but let's get to the first one- Get Big Lashes! Waterproof Mascara.
Below is a shot of the mascara, as well as a shot of my eye before and after application.
Shown is two coats on my top lashes and one on my bottom lashes. As you can see, the mascara really did give me a "Volume Boost"! I really appreciate a volumizing mascara that doesn't clump.. I was happy with the application of this one. It also dries very fast, meaning you won't get mascara marks all over your eyelid and brow bone after application. This is just what it says.. a volumizing mascara. If you are looking for length more than volume then this probably isn't the right product for you. I am lucky enough to have my mother's long lashes, so volume is what I personally value most in a mascara.  I don't usually wear waterproof mascaras- I don't know why, I guess its just out of habit.. I've never bought them before. Now that I've tried this one, I wonder why I never have..this stayed put all day, with no smudging or "raccoon eyes".
Mascara is my absolute number one beauty product.. I never leave the house without putting it on. For some girls it is lip gloss, for others, blush, but I'm a mascara girl- you will never catch me without it! (Okay, you caught me without it in the above picture.. but you know what I mean!) This mascara definitely passes the test, and I will be stashing it in my "permanent collection".
I am really happy with my first Essence product, and can't wait to share the other ones I have with you!
Oh.. and guess what.. this mascara costs $3.49! I'm excited for this brand to expand more into the U.S, I have a feeling it will be really popular here in the coming years. Have you ever tried any of their products?
Thank you so much for reading!
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Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review. I am committed to giving you my honest and unbiased opinion, always!


  1. AWESOME!! I tried my first Essence product not long ago (nail polish) and I love it! I had such big blinders on for nail polish that I didn't even notice they had other products. Such a shame! Keeping an eye open for this next time!

  2. Hi Jessica, you have a very cute blog, I am nominating you for an award on my blog. You can get the info from my profile. Congrats! :D

  3. Hi Jessica, i am from Belgium and right now i am doing my final project in order to graduate in Marketing. The subject i have chosen is the development of a communicationnal strategy for essence in Belgium. I was browsing the web to find information about essence, i end up on your blog and a question came across my mind while reading it. How come the brand sent you this product to review it ? I mean how come they've chosen you ? Have you done anything special for them to sent you free products? you are not the first blogger i've seen who says she has got free products from the brand and i would really like to know how they choose the bloggers to whom they send products. (sorry for my bad english i do my best ^^)


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