Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Wet n' Wild Limted Edition Chrome Collection in "Hog-Quartz School"

While browsing through my local Rite Aid I happened upon an untouched display of the new Wet n' Wild Limited Edition Chrome Collection. They are a little pricier than most Wet n' Wild polishes usually are, but they looked gorgeous so I bought one. I chose the purple in the collection. For all you Harry Potter fans, it is called "Hog-Quartz School".

This polish is an intense lavender with a subtle gold microshimmer dispersed throughout. It was opaque in two coats and really lovely! The formula was a touch on the thick side, but manageable.. and I think the color payoff was worth it. Like I said, these polishes are a little expensive for Wet n' Wild, 3.99 for a small (.29 fl oz) bottle. Per ounce, that is nearly the same price as an OPI or Essie. While I buy those polishes all the time, I expect a much lower price from Wet n' Wild (that is their THING, right?). For example, a .5 fl oz Essie retails at Rite Aid for about 8 dollars, making it 16.00 an ounce. These Wet n' Wilds cost 3.99 for .29 fl oz, making them 13.75 an ounce. Not a huge difference, and I think of WnW as being a discount brand.
So, what is the verdict? The color is GORGEOUS, and I am happy I bought.. That being said, be prepared to spend a little more than you usually would for a "bargain" polish!
Thank you so much for reading!
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Disclosure: I purchased this polish myself for review :o)


  1. I have not seen these yet, but it looks like I need to check them out....very pretty!

  2. That is a gorgeous color and I love the name. But the price isn't making me too happy either. I may pick up one or two though if I come across them.

  3. HAHA I LOVE THE NAME!! =) nice swatches!


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