Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring 2012 Nail Polish Collection from The Nail Junkie!

Aleta, of the blog, has just released a gorgeous Spring nail polish line. This is her first foray into making her own polish, and the results are quite impressive!
Aleta released these polishes in a limited edition set, including 3 lovely pastel shades (a pink, purple and yellow), a green glitter topcoat, and a clear matte polish. She also included some free items with the purchase of the polishes.. felt glitter removal wipes, rose scented wax melts, lilac oil spray, and a jasmine sugar 
scrub. This was a really nice package to get in the mail, it was presented so
 nicely, and of course- full of goodies! Here is the package before I unwrapped it:
Isn't that adorable? One of the nicest things about buying this collection was how personal the whole experience was from start to finish. Aleta e-mailed me right away, letting me know when she would ship, and kept me informed along the way. She let me know when she had dropped the package off at the post office, and even e-mailed me a picture of my box all set and ready to go! The set even comes with a personalized certificate of authenticity. It was just really... nice! Also, 5 dollars from the purchase price went to charity, specifically . What a lovely gesture.

Here is what was inside the package:

I think that all the extras included were really thoughtful, and the whole thing was protected with Easter grass, so when you opened it up it was like a little Easter basket! The colors themselves are gorgeous... incredible pigmented, opaque in two coats, and they have such a beautiful, satiny finish. The green topcoat is a nice accent for all of the pastels. Swatched below are two coats of each color, one with and one without the glitter topcoat, as well as a swatch of just two coats of the glitter topper. All are topped with the clear matte polish that was included.
Click to see larger
These colors are wonderful.. They are soft and delicate but they each have a very subtle and interesting shimmer to them. I was also SO impressed with the yellow. I usually hate yellow polishes because they look terrible on me and apply awfully. This one applied like butter.. opaque in two coats and such a beautiful, flattering daffodil yellow. Below is a nail look I created using all of the polishes, plus a black nail art pen for the black detailing.
I love the finish on these, it is like a beautiful satin ceramic glaze. These are really wonderful, high quality polishes. I am so happy that I was one of the lucky few to be able to buy a set, and I am so excited to see what Aleta comes up with next! You can keep up with her at The Nail Junkie.
Thank you so much for reading!
All the best,

Disclosure: I purchased this set myself for review :o)


  1. That is so pretty! I love the colors she has made, and I wish I could afford a set right now! I love your flowers though - very cute :)

  2. I'm dying right now! i saw this set for sale, and wanted it so bad, but had a lynn's wishlist going, so couldn't buy it. it's really that opaque in 2 coats?! what i love, besides the fact that it came all personalized and packaged eastery, and that she donates $$ from each sale, is that it's a total throwback to the 60s-70s, IMO! SO cute. the shape of the bottle, the stickers. what an amazing set--yes, i'm excited about it. thanks for swatching and talking about these girls. I'm keeping my eye on your work, Aleta nail junkie!

  3. That is a yellow I think I could like, most are a little too bright for me but that one looks very soft and pastel :o)

  4. Oh my goodness!!! What a WONDERFUL review! I loved every word and your pics are amazing!!! Thank you! I've posted a link to this review on my product page. I love this!

  5. Your flowers are so sweet and spring!! Really makes me wanna go out to the sun :-))
    They are gorgeous <3

  6. Love these colors! I saw them on her page. They turned out beautiful!

    Nominated you for an award!

  7. These colors are so pretty! I love what you did with the flowers!

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award! :)

    Check it out:

  8. Oh how pretty! LOVE the yellow. It is a great finish and how sweet is the certificate of authenticity?


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