Monday, April 9, 2012

Target Beauty Bag!

Today I got an unexpected surprise in the mail.. my Target Beauty Bag! I knew it was coming, of course, but I didn't realize it would get here so fast.
As many of you know Target has been offering a free Spring Beauty Bag, filled with samples, as a gift with purchase as well as through a widget on the Target Style Facebook page.
I was lucky enough to snag one, and now that it has arrived, I will share it with you!
Click to enlarge! 

The bag contained the following:
1 Schick Hydro razor
Small sample of L'oreal Magic Lumi primer
0.5 oz. Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser
1.7 oz. Pantene Flat to Volume conditioner
Book of Target Beauty coupons
Pink striped cosmetics bag
Pack of 7 Simple cleansing facial wipes

The bag was pretty great! It had some things I've been wanting to try (like the Simple wipes) as well as some ever-useful items (like the razor). Best of all, it was free! Were you able to scoop up one of these free beauty bags?
Thank you so much for reading!
All the best,


  1. Much better than last years bag!!!! Yay for you!!!!

  2. I was able to snag one too.cant wait till it gets here

  3. I'm think I have one coming too. Now I'll have to lookout for it this week! They apparently shipped very quickly.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I got one too through the facebook app. I was wondering what was in them. I got to try the simple wipes a few weeks ago when my grocery store was having free Maybelline makeovers. I really like them. I was surprised how well they took off the mascara and didn't irritate my eyes like most makeup removers.

  5. I signed up for one but haven't seen it yet, I'm so excited! I hope it arrives soon! :)

  6. Was your bag with purchase or from the facebook page? bc I think they might have different things, but not sure. :)

    Here we go, this is from the terms and conditions from the target bag fb page:
    Description of Prize. Each Prize will consist of one(1) beauty bag containing samples of one or more of the following items: Nivea® Extended Moisture Body Lotion; Neutrogena® Cleanser; L’Oreal® Lumi Magic Primer; Simple Sensitive Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes; and PANTENE ® Conditioner or Shampoo. The type and amount of sample products in each
    beauty bag may vary.

  7. Nice! thanks for sharing. i signed up too, and i hope to get it sometime soonish :) luv that razor. how generous is target?!

  8. Mine didnt have the! LOL But it was still pretty nice for free :)


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