Thursday, May 3, 2012

Farmhouse Fresh Whoopie Cream

This post is going to be a little hard to write because I can't stop sniffing myself. For review today I have Farmhouse Fresh's Whoopie Cream, a shea butter body cream with one of the most delectable scents you've ever experienced. You really have to smell it for yourself to appreciate it, but I will try to describe.

 In the jar, Whoopie Cream smells like sweet vanilla frosting. Once you put it on, however, the fragrance softens into a rich scent thats a combination of fluffy white layer cake and vanilla cream. It is a really soothing and relaxing yet fun scent. Most importantly, it is not too sweet! Sometimes vanilla-based fragrances can get sickly sweet or "chemical-ly". You won't find that here.. just a luxurious, buttery, cakey fragrance. You'll have to try not to lick your arm. The texture of the cream is wonderful, as well.. like a homemade whipped cream. It absorbs quickly and is very hydrating. I put it on immediately following a shower (and towel-dry) and the Whoopie cream soaked right in leaving my skin soft and hydrated but not sticky. Oh, and I smell like a cupcake! I'm a big fan of this cream, and I think the scent is such a crowd-pleaser that almost anyone would like it. I'm going to keep it in mind next time I need a hostess gift, as the packaging is adorable too.
Have you ever tried any Farmhouse Fresh products? What are your favorite sort of fragrances?
Thank you so much for reading!
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Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review by the manufacturer or their PR. I am committed to giving you my honest opinion, always! :o)


  1. That sounds divine; I can almost smell it. It looks so rich and creamy too.

  2. Ooh, I love shea butter and vanilla! I own about four creams with that combo haha :)


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