Thursday, May 31, 2012

NEW Mighty Shiny Lip Gels and Luminous Creme Blushes from Youngblood Cosmetics!

Youngblood cosmetics has some exciting products lined up for the Summer. Launching June 1st will be 2 colorful additions to their line of Luminous Creme Blush, as well as 7 gorgeous Mighty Shiny Lip Gels. I had the opportunity to try out a few of the new shades before they were released, and.. oh my goodness. Let's start off with the blushes:
Luminous Creme Blushes-

 The Luminous Creme Blush is a total revelation.. they blend completely effortlessly, and are oh-so-pigmented. I am very fair so I only needed a tiny bit for a lovely, natural flushed look. The texture is moist and creamy. The problem I've had with creme blushes in the past is that they didn't spread or blend well, and sort of "dragged" upon application. I had no issues with this blush. The finish is perfect... not too matte or shiny, just perfectly dewy and natural. I tried the "Plum Satin" shade- a lovely dusty rose color:
Luminous Creme Blush- in Plum Satin-
The second part of the Summer release is the range of Mighty Shiny Lip Gels. These were just as impressive as the blushes. They are incredibly shiny and come in an array of lovely colors, but the real kicker is the formula. Most high-shine glosses that I have are uncomfortably sticky. These aren't sticky at all.. they are moisturizing and they stay put! Ingredients like meadowfoam and jojoba seed oil make these ultra-nourishing for the lips.
Lip Gels-
 The shades are all soft, sheer, natural-looking, and totally wearable. I tried out two shades- Confessed, and Unveiled. Confessed is a sheer, juicy red while Unveiled is a bright pink with a hint of shimmer. Both are gorgeous!
Confessed Lip Gel-

Unveiled Lip Gel -
Both the Luminous Creme Blushes and the Mighty Shiny Lip Gels get my stamp of approval. They both passed the wear test, below is a picture of me wearing the Plum Satin blush and the Unveiled lip gel several hours after application. The care that was taken in formulating these is evident when you wear them... just super high-quality, ultra-luxe, high-performance cosmetics.

They aren't cheap- the blushes retail for 27.00 , the lip gels for 22.50, but this is one case where the old adage "You get what you pay for" really rings true. These are SO splurge-worthy. Starting June 1st, you can find these at
What are your favorite beauty splurges? These are destined to become one of mine!
Thank you so much for reading!
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Disclosure: These products were provided by the manufacturer or their PR for review. As always, I am committed to giving you my honest opinion :o)


  1. wow these look incredible! i kinda wear more golden brown tones on the cheeks but the lip glosses look great!!


    1. I was apprehensive about the Plum Satin, as its not a shade I would normally choose. But I ended up LOVING it! Sometimes its good to go out of our comfort zones, I guess.. I found something I really liked!

  2. Pretty. Do you know if they're cruelty free?

    1. Yes!!! They are absolutely 100% Cruelty-free. You won't find anything on this blog that isn't! :o)

    2. Fantastic!! Glad to hear your position on the topic, too! :)

    3. Here is my blog policy on animal testing:


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