Monday, May 28, 2012

Zelo Professional Home Keratin System

Recently I had the opportunity to try out the Zelo Keratin Straightening kit. This kit is meant to provide an affordable, at-home alternative to salon Keratin treatments. I have A LOT of hair, so the promise of smoother, less-frizzy hair is very attractive to me. That being said, I've always been hesitant to do a keratin treatment for two reasons. First of all, the cost of a salon keratin treatment is a bit prohibitive, around 250+ dollars depending on the length of your hair (and like I said, I have a lot!). Also, I've always been concerned with the formaldehyde content in keratin treatments.. I don't want that stuff on my head!
Zelo professional hair care has come up with a product that addresses my two concerns. First of all, it is affordable. At 50 dollars for one straightening kit,  the cost is a fraction of what you'd pay for a salon service. If you are willing to put in a little elbow grease and do it yourself (or beg a friend) you can get results comparable to what you'd get at a salon for a lot less money. Also, it is totally formaldehyde-free! This is the kit:

It includes a clarifying cleanser and an action keratin treatment. The process is easy- first, you wash your hair with the clarifying cleanser. This removes all buildup and impurities and makes a nice "clean slate" for the keratin to adhere to. Next, you dry your hair a little bit. While it is still somewhat damp you spray the keratin treatment into your hair, combing through to ensure that the hair is coated from root to tip. At this point, you blow dry your hair completely. Lastly, straightening your hair with a flat iron seals in the product. It is a simple procedure, and for ladies who blow dry and flat iron their hair on a regular basis anyway, throwing a little keratin in there should be no trouble at all. The benefit of the treatment is that it leaves your hair smoother, silkier, and straighter for up to 12 weeks.
Zelo also offers a few products to complement and prolong the keratin treatment- salt and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner as well as Velvet Hair Gloss.. an amazing product that smoothes your hair and adds shine without making it heavy or greasy.
Below is my hair before and after treatment. On the left is my hair before treatment, air-dried with no product. On the right is my hair after treatment, straightened with an Olez (Zelo's professional, salon-only counterpart) iron and smoothed with Zelo Velvet Hair Gloss.

As a side note, the Olez Advanced flat iron is the hands down the best iron I've ever used. There was no need to pass over the same piece of hair over and over again, but it didn't get too hot and fry my hair either. LOVE IT!

But I digress- back to the keratin treatment! After treatment, my hair was far less frizzy than usual. What I also like about this treatment is that there is no waiting time in regards to when you can wash your hair. When I did wash my hair, the curl returned. But the frizz did not! I've also noticed that my hair takes less time to dry and when I do iron it, it stays straight much better than it used to. Before, when I would flat iron my hair even an upsurge in humidity would return it to its curly, frizzy state. I actually got caught in the rain for a few minutes the other day and my hair actually STAYED STRAIGHT! That never happens!
Now when I wear my hair curly it is more manageable and far less frizzy. I am really happy with this treatment. I've been using the Zelo Shampoo and Conditioner to complement it and my hair is still going strong and frizz-free after several weeks. I love the convenience (and price!) of the at-home application, as well. All in all, between the price, convenience and efficacy.. Zelo gets an A+ !
You can find their products at 
Have you ever had a salon keratin treatment? Would you try it at home?
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Disclosure: The products mentioned were provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR for review. As always, I am committed to giving you my honest opinion :o)


  1. This looks amazing! I need to try this! I love ur hair curly btw! I think the before shot is goregous! You have lovely hair! I wish my hair dries curly! Instead I spend half my life crimping and bending my hair with ghds or rollers lol!

  2. Hi there! LOVE the review. You hair looks amazing. Are those hints of lavender highlights I see? :)

  3. Whoa your hair looks SUPER afterwards! And the purple highlights are so much more visible.

  4. Wow the before and afte rpics are AMAZING!! I have frizzy hair as well, and would love to try this. Thanks so much for sharing!

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