Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Abstract Nail Art Challenge: Day 3

Today's Abstract Nail Art Challenge theme is the Splatter Manicure! This incredibly messy nail art technique creates little tiny Jackson Pollock-like works of art on your nails. The process is simple, you paint your nails a base color, and then splatter different colors of polish onto your nails. The technique I used for this was easy- I dipped a straw into the color and then blew through the straw- splattering the polish on my nails.

The base color I used was Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud, and I splattered with Nails Inc. Baker Street, Fingerpaints Blue Raspberry Taffy, and Orly Charged Up. Many Splatter Manicure tutorials recommend taping off your nail to minimize cleanup, but what I did was coat the skin around my nails with petroleum jelly. When I was done doing the splatter, the polish just wiped right off along with the jelly. If you try this, be sure to put newspaper down in your work area, this makes a HUGE MESS! Here are my nails pre-cleanup:
Yikes!! I like the end result of this manicure, but I'm not sure if I'd do it again! I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to doing my nails and this technique is a bit.. unpredictable. I do like the look, though! 

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What do you think? Would you have a crack at a splatter manicure?
Thank you so much for reading!
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Disclosure: I purchased all mentioned products myself :o)


  1. This turned out so cute but it looks like it did get a bit messy!!! Love the colors you chose =)

  2. The messiest mani's come out awesome! Love this!

  3. loving the final result and all the blues together!

  4. I love the idea of using petroleum jelly! I need to give that a try. I've used tape and it's just a big pain and restricts movement.

  5. This turned out great, I like the colors you used!

  6. Ahh I love the splatter manis. This one is no exception, it's beautiful!

  7. I love the colors you chose. =]

  8. Wow, it cleaned up nice! Love the effect.

  9. omg I love the before clean up picture


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