Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Artsy Wednesday: My Favorite Color

Today's Artsy Wednesday challenge was pretty broad- Create a manicure inspired by your favorite color. My favorite color is green. There are so many beautiful shades of green.. a soft, pale seafoam green is very comforting to me, while a bright lime green can be really energizing. One of my favorite places to see green is outside on a beautiful day. I love walking outdoors on a sunny day and seeing different shades of green all around me. So, I did a manicure inspired by the different shades of green I see outdoors. I wanted to do a pretty representation of leaves on my nails.

I didn't get hyper-detailed with this manicure.. I wanted a soft, subtle representation of green leaves drifting down to the ground. I used a base of Essie Navigate her, and then did the leaves using Revlon Posh, Barielle Green Opal, Zoya Dree, and my Migi Nail Art Pens. What do you think?

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What is your favorite color?
Thank you so much for reading! 
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Disclosure: Some products mentioned were purchased by me, others were provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR. As always, I am committed to giving you my honest opinion :o) 


  1. Your leaves are very pretty! :) Love the greens!

  2. I love this! Reminds me of nature/autumn heaps but love the detail you put in :)

  3. I love the leaves, they looks so peaceful. :)

  4. I love the design, especially the base colour, such a perfect green creme! (and a shade I don't own yet... grrr.) Green is one of my favourite nail colours too :)


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