Friday, June 22, 2012

Beautiful, natural products from Indie Lee!

Have you ever heard of Indie Lee? She is a pretty remarkable woman with a very inspirational story. Several years ago doctors successfully removed from her brain a potentially fatal tumor. When she discovered it was possible that the tumor was caused by environmental toxins, she devoted herself to creating her eponymous line of all-natural beauty products- providing women of all ages with products free from potentially harmful ingredients like parabens and phthalates. I had the opportunity to try out a few of her products recently, and I'm happy to report that they are as lovely and efficacious as they are safe. 

I tried out The Body Scrub, The Body Wash, and The Body Lotion. The first thing you notice about all three of them is their amazing fragrances.. subtle, natural, and absolutely divine! No harsh chemical-like smells to be found here. I like the fact that the fragrances are all different, but connected enough where they layer beautifully. The Body Scrub's Coconut Citrus scent is my favorite.. it sort of smells like a lemon-coconut cookie! I also love how wonderfully the scrub exfoliates. The Body Wash is great, too! Not a ton of lather (I'm assuming this is due to the absence of certain chemicals), but it gets you clean and washes away without any residue. The Body Lotion absorbs very quickly and all three products leave a trace of their beautiful fragrances on your skin.
I was really happy with everything I tried.. Indie Lee is a lovely brand with a wonderful mission.
Have you ever tried out any Indie Lee products? You can find these and many more at .
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Disclosure: These samples were provided to me by the manufacturer, all opinions are my own. :o) 


  1. The lemon coconut cookie scent sounds divine!

  2. These sound awesome! I'm glad someone is committed to beauty as well as health. Do u know where we can purchase them and roughly how much they cost?


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