Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Interview with Tip or Skip!

Are you on Tip or Skip yet? Its a really fun way to discover new products and other fun stuff from all over the internet. While you are browsing the web you can "tip" cool things that you see, and over on Tip or Skip those who are following you will see your tips and can then choose to Tip or Skip them themselves! What you end up with is a fun virtual board of all the cool stuff you've discovered.
I stopped by the Tip or Skip headquarters recently and was interviewed by Arielle, their Community Manager (and recent California transplant!).
They are a really fun company, and everyone who works there is super cool! Check out my interview below, and be sure to follow me on Tip or Skip here to see all the fun stuff I've tipped. Oh, and pardon my awkwardness.. I think I'm best off in front of the keyboard-- not the camera!

Thank you so much for reading!
All the best,

Disclosure: I'm not affiliated with Tip or Skip.. but I like them a bunch! 


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  2. Super adorable! Jess- you are a gem!

  3. You're SO CUTE let's GET MARRIED. ... yes okay, I jump the gun a little sometimes. Also, I have a boyfriend. NO REGRETS!

  4. you were so adorable. I totally love the cookie monster mug

  5. You are so adorable Jessica- loved this video! :)


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