Sunday, June 10, 2012

Premier Dead Sea Beautifying Nail Kit

One thing I really love is nail treatments. I have a multitude of hand and nail creams and the like, and use them several times daily- so I was happy to get to try out the Beautifying Nail Kit. The kit includes a 4 sided buffing block, nail file, hand and body creme, and mineral-rich cuticle treatment. 
As you can see, it includes everything necessary to file, buff, and moisturize your nails. Buffing shouldn't be done *too* often, as you don't want to make your nails weak, but it is a great way to reduce ridges and get a lovely shiny finish. Buffing also creates a great blank canvas for nail polishes! Here are my nails before and after doing the whole treatment.. Filing, buffing, treating my nails with the cuticle serum, and finally moisturizing my hands with the creme.
As you can see, this kit is a great way to quickly give your nails a radiant, healthy look. The moisturizing treatments are really effective and smell wonderful. This kit comes in three fragrances: Herbal, Passion Fruit, and Milk and Honey. I tried the Milk and Honey kit, and I loved the fragrance. Subtle and pleasant. This is a really nice kit and I think it would make a lovely gift! You can find it at
What is your daily nail routine?
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  1. I haven't seen too many kits like this one, seems like a great idea!


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