Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yellow Lounge US Launch

photo credit: Yellow Lounge US
Recently I had the opportunity to attend the United States launch of Yellow Lounge. Yellow Lounge was launched in Berlin seven years ago- it is a series of performance events bringing together the best and brightest of contemporary Classical music in urban spaces. The New York City Yellow Lounge kicked off the U.S series right with an amazing evening full of wonderful classical performances by Grammy-award winning artists.
It was such a well-put-together, entertaining evening. The hightlight was, of course, the performances by the likes of Mandolinist Avi Avital, and Violinist Nicola Benedetti. However, there were so many other little bits and pieces that made the evening special. There was a photo booth where you could snap a little keepsake for the evening, and a flipbook booth where a short video of you and your friends was turned into a paper flipbook for you to take home. There was a great bar as well, featuring signature cocktails and craft beers. The event was full of people, but not so many that you couldn't breathe! The PR team (especially the super-cute interns!) did a really nice job. I had a great time, and I love how Yellow Lounge is bringing Classical music to a younger audience. Here are some photos from the event:

photo credit: Yellow Lounge US
photo credit: Yellow Lounge US

photo credit: Yellow Lounge US
Nowadays, many people listen to classical music to wind down and relax.. Yellow Lounge has managed to put the party back into it! You can find out more about Yellow Lounge here
What sort of music do you listen to?
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