Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cut Down on Plastic Bottles with the Sodastream Fountain Jet

Image courtesy of Sodastream
I recently had the opportunity to try out the Sodastream Fountain Jet. What the Sodastream does is carbonate tap water in a reusable bottle, using a CO2 tank hidden in the unit. Depending on usage, each CO2 tank lasts about 3 months. Carbonating your own tap water eliminates the need to buy sparkling water in the store, saving quite a few plastic bottles. We drink a lot of seltzer in my house, and I've found the Sodastream to be incredibly convenient. I really like how much packaging it saves. Sodastream also sells concentrates of different types of soda, so you can add a little bit to your carbonated water for a variety of different flavors. We don't drink much soda in my house, so the concentrates are really nice to have on hand for when guests come over. I don't need to have 20 different bottles of soda taking up space in my fridge, yet I can offer people who stop by all sorts of beverages. The concentrates are shelf-stable and can be kept out of sight in a cabinet. The unit is easy to use, you just screw in the provided bottle full of tap water and then push the button to carbonate. The unit will make a buzzing sound when it has reached a certain level of carbonation. You can go from 1 to 6 buzzes depending on how fizzy you like your water/soda. If you are a sparkling water or soda drinker, the Sodastream is awesome to have around the house. It saves packaging, time, and money. One CO2 tank costs about 15 dollars, and carbonates countless liters of water. So if you drink a lot of sparkling water (or bubbly water, as we refer to it in my house!) the Sodastream is very convenient. You can find out more about the Fountain Jet and other units at
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  1. This looks like a great idea. I was just thinking today as I was taking out the trash and recycling how many cans of soda my household goes through (and I've been making the push to drink more water). I would think machines like this would help cut down on the amount of waste from soda.


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