Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sneak Preview: Illamasqua Generation Q Fall Collection

This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with David Horne, Illamasqua's Director of Product Development, and a small group of beauty bloggers to get introduced to the upcoming Fall collection. David was incredibly funny and engaging, and did a a great job explaining the new collection and the sentiment behind it to us. Illamasqua is known for releasing very unexpected colors (think blue lipsticks), however the Fall Collection- Generation Q-is a range of more classic, glamorous shades. For Illamasqua, this in itself is a curveball.. By releasing a more traditional collection, they have once again managed to do the unexpected. Only Illamasqua! While these shades are more "traditional", they still retain an edge that makes them distinctly Illamasqua.
The idea behind Generation Q is that beauty shouldn't have any age limits. Many beauty experts assert that a woman shouldn't wear certain colors or finishes (shimmer, for example)after 40. Generation Q is a gorgeous set of stunning, vampy (and sometimes shimmery!) colors designed to be worn by women of any age- turning many of these preconceptions about age and makeup on their head. Generation Q will be available at Sephora in September. For now, take a sneak peek at some of the gorgeous shades that are included.

I can't wait to get my hands on these gorgeous shades. They are so perfect for Fall! I'm especially excited about that lovely eye quad- it has an assortment of finishes from matte to liquid metal and can be used to create a variety of stunning looks. I'm also looking forward to the black glitter nail lacquer. But one of the biggest highlights of the collection for me is the nude lipgloss- Opulent. It is absolutely stunning in person, with a gorgeous iridescence that changes from green to purple to every color in between depending on what light you view it in.
Anything in this collection that catches your eye? What do you think? You can find this collection on beginning in September, but check out Illamasqua's other amazing collections in the meantime!
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*Photos courtesy of Illamasqua


  1. How cool that you got to sit down with him!! Can't wait to see the collection.

  2. Beautiful! I want the eye quad and for sure (duh) the polishes :)

  3. That is SO cool that you got to meet him!

    I'm really excited to see how the purple lipstick/gloss look on!
    I hope you'll show us!


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