Tuesday, July 31, 2012

T'eez Bounce Me Style Cream and Build Me Style Spray

As part of the Bloom.com Ambassador's program, I was recently sent some products from T'eez to review. I had never heard of this brand before, so I went into the review process with an especially open mind. I used both of these products on clean, damp hair as directed.  I applied the "build me" volumizing spray near my roots, and the "bounce me" style cream from the middle of my hair to the ends.. again, as directed. I then dried my hair as usual. Unfortunately, neither of these products did a thing for my hair. The spray added no extra volume.. only a bit of stickiness. In turn, the "bounce me" cream which claims to "tame curls and swirls while adding volume" did nothing of the sort. The cream weighed down my hair in a big way, leaving my usually nice bouncy waves flat and dull. Its like the cream didn't penetrate my hair at all.. leaving a greasy, dulling, heavy residue. This is unusual for me, my hair is really thick and sometimes dry, and usually absorbs whatever I can throw at it. I didn't use a tremendous amount of product, either. I've used other volumizers and curl tamers with much better results.
On a positive note, both products had a pleasant fragrance. The "Build Me" spray smelled nice and cucumber-y. I didn't have a very good experience with the T'eez products, but that's not to say no one will. They just didn't work with my hair. You can find T'eez products at Bloom.com .
What do you use in your daily styling routine?
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This was sent for review. All opinions are my own. 

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