Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Forsaken- The New Perfume Inspired by the Hit HBO Series True Blood

 As you may know, "Forsaken" is a new beauty line inspired by HBO's hit TV show True Blood. The fragrance of the same name, the Forsaken Eau de Parfum, is the centerpiece of the collection. With notes of blackberry, blood orange, and jasmine rounded out with amber and vanilla, this sultry scent perfectly evokes the vampy mood of True Blood.  This perfume is fruity, but not in an overpowering or too-sweet way. The fruit notes are deep and juicy and are perfectly balanced by the fragrant florals. I love the bottle, too. The heavy glass is adorned with lacy damask-like print and accented with two red charms meant to call to mind drops of blood. Very dark and mysterious! It looks gorgeous sitting on a vanity or dresser. 
The scent isn't too heavy, but is very sexy and wearable. I love how long lasting it is! The line also features a complimentary body butter and shimmery body veil- both delightfully scented with the Forsaken fragrance. I love layering all three for fantastic fragrance all day. I really can't get enough of this gorgeous, sumptuous scent.. I use the Forsaken home fragrance diffuser, too! 
Whether you are a True Blood fan or not, if you are a fan of exotic, fruity, or  floral perfumes.. give this one a try! You can find it exclusively on HSN
Are you a True Blood fan? Would you try out the Forsaken line? 
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  1. I'm a fan and i want to own the entire collection! for now, i've just ordered the little trio. i'm loving the sound of that scent!! lemming...


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