Saturday, August 4, 2012

Get Ready for Autumn with Tuscan Fig Eau de Parfum by Lisa Hoffman Beauty

I am a real fragrance lover, I believe that the final touch to anyone's beauty routine should be a spritz or two of their favorite perfume. Some people have one signature scent, some a certain type or family of fragrances they stick to, while others wear every sort of fragrance under the sun. 
I tend to change the fragrances I wear seasonally. In the Spring and Summer I usually wear something light and refreshing, with citrusy and light floral notes. 
In the Fall and Winter I like something a bit warmer and heavier. I recently tried out Lisa Hoffman's Tuscan Fig, and I know its going to be my go-to fragrance as the weather cools! Warm and inviting, Tuscan Fig combines notes of "Vanilla Bean, Honeysuckle, Coconut Wood, and Gardenia". I love how complex and sophisticated it is. You can really smell the individual notes if you close your eyes and pay attention. They are all there, along with ripe fig and even a touch of amber. The vanilla note is very pronounced, but not in an overpowering way. It is neatly balanced by the gardenia and honeysuckle. I love how long lasting the fragrance is, as well. While it does soften throughout the day, it lingers enough to surprise you with an occasional whiff of relaxing fragrance. Tuscan Fig is warm, balanced, sophisticated, and delicious... but not too sweet. It would pair delightfully with a cashmere sweater..a perfect Autumn fragrance! 
You can find Tuscan Fig at , or try out the very fun Lisa Hoffman iScentify Scent-Finding app to find a fragrance that suits your tastes perfectly! 
What are your go-to scents?
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  1. I have to look into this scent! From your review, it seems awesome.

    xo, Jersey Girl

  2. This seems great! I usually skip extra scents in the summer because I don't want to attract more mosquitos than I already do, but I'm always on the lookout for good fall/ winter perfumes. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I love fig!!! It's one of my fav cold weather scents :)


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