Thursday, August 2, 2012

July Favorites!

Time for another Monthly Favorites post! Here I'll share with you some of my favorite beauty buys,  accessories, blogs to read.. all sorts of things! Leave me a comment and let me know if any of my favorites are your favorites too!

House of Marley People Get Ready Headphones
These are some of the most impressive in-ear headphones I have ever tried. The bass is crazy! They isolate noise incredibly well... So much so that when I was using them on the train the other day, the conductor was apparently asking for my ticket for a solid 60 seconds before someone tapped me and I realized he was standing there (EMBARRASSING!) . You don't need to turn them up to deafening levels to block out whatever noise is happening around you. They have a great look too, and the fabric-covered wires mean far fewer tangles. They come in a cute little drawstring pouch so you can throw them in your purse without them getting messed up. I also like how they come with 3 different sizes of interchangeable rubber earbuds so you can find the right fit. They start at 39.99 and you can find them at .

Favorite blog:
If you love fashion and style, this blog should be on your daily reading list. But beware! is not for the faint of heart. Diana, the founder and editor lives and breathes this stuff and she doesn't mess around! An FIT grad, designer, and expert Fashionista, she is clearly passionate about Fashion. Keep an eye on her blog for not just the latest but also the greatest in fashion, style, and trends. Check out her super cute style in the video below, and make sure to click the heart in the upper right corner! She is trying to get enough votes to win a trip to Stockholm Fashion Week, and I'd love to see her make it! :)

Beauty Must-Have: Laura Geller Balance-N-Bronze
Another baked beauty from Laura Geller, this bronzer compact is so versatile! You can use the dark side to bronze and contour, the light side to brighten and balance, or you can mix the gorgeous shimmery swirls of pigment as you see fit! This is a great product for when you don't feel like wearing a ton of makeup.. a few swirls here and there and your complexion is bright and bronzed! This is a real multi-tasker, and an absolute must-have in my Summer makeup bag. 

Adventure Time

I know, I know. I'm 25. I don't care. I love this show. I watch it with my sister all the time and it cracks us up! Everything on TV nowadays is either a reality show, or super-intense, or a comedy that isn't funny. Its nice to just watch something cute and hilarious! 

WOW Jewelry Hangers

I have an outrageous amount of jewelry, and I'm terrible at keeping it all organized and untangled. I came across WOW Jewelry Hangers recently, and they have provided a really good solution! I have a combo hanger where I can hang necklaces and earrings. I like having my baubles laid out and visible like this.. When I throw things in a drawer sometimes I forget to wear really pretty things that I own! Out of sight, out of mind, you know? The WOW hanger helps me keep everything organized and ready to be worn!

What are some of your favorite things this month?
Thank you so much for reading! 
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Disclosure: Some items mentioned were provided for review, others were purchased myself. All opinions are my own. 


  1. The jewellery hanger is gorgeous! I need something like that haha


  2. haha I watch Phineas & Ferb like it's my job, I get the cartoon thing :)


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