Friday, August 3, 2012

The Perfect Red Nail Polish for Summer... Rescue Beauty Lounge Poppy

Its no secret that I LOVE Rescue Beauty Lounge. To me, they make some of the most high-quality, gorgeous polishes you can buy. Their new collection- the GOMM collection- is a beautiful range of rich colors inspired by the desert and the work of a famous female painter. Due to unfortunate legal circumstances, however, RBL isn't allowed to use her name in any of the marketing.
One of the most lovely colors from the collection is Poppy.. a gorgeous, bright red with a subtle shimmer. 
Its hard to photograph the shimmer in this polish.. but it is there in a subtle, beautiful way! Not all red polishes are created equal.. and this version is an instant classic. Bright, elegant, and universally flattering.. What I'm trying to say is that if you are searching for the perfect red, this may be it! 
What do you think of Poppy?
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