Friday, September 28, 2012

Three New Beauties from 365 Days of Color's Hocus Pocus Collection

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Today I have 3 polishes to show you from one of my favorite indie brands- 365 Days of Color. I'm so excited to show you these today for two reasons. First of all, they are gorgeous! Second, the release of the Hocus Pocus Halloween collection reminds me that my favorite holiday is approaching! 
The polish to the right is "Boouk", three coats are shown. This is a lovely neutral toned polish with different shapes of copper-toned glitter. This one is SO unique! Very different, yet delicate and feminine. 
The center polish is "Black Flame Candle", also three coats. This is a black polish with a buildable jelly finish. What makes it special is the micro-shimmer interspersed throughout.. it catches the light in different ways and sparkles in silver or green or purple. Gorgeous! If you love black nail polishes like I do, this is a must have due to its depth and dimension. 
Last but not least, all the way to the right is "I Smell.. Children!" Shown is one coat over black. You can achieve the same look by doing a few coats of it by itself, but why waste this stunning polish? Putting it over black is an easy way to stretch it out. This shade features beautiful purple glitter and shimmer in a dark base. Vampy yet elegant, this is perfect for Fall. Once again, a lovely collection from 365 Days of Color. I'm not shocked, as she has not yet released a collection I didn't like. But.. I'll tell you a secret.. this one is my favorite! 
You can check out the full collection at her shop, ..
What do you think of these spooky colors? Happy Halloween!
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*I recieved samples for review, all opinions are my own. 


  1. I'm excited for these! Have ordered the full mini set =) xo

  2. Just LOVE it! Keep up the fabbbbbb reports- they just brighten my day! Toooooddllleeesss.....

  3. Rafiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!! I know its you!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ohhh, I love the middle one- I like that it's not your basic black polish!


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