Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Artsy Wednesday: My Favorite Brand - Zoya!

This week's Artsy Wednesday theme was pretty open to interpretation- we could create whatever nail art we wanted. However, we had to choose a favorite brand of nail polish and could only use that brand to complete our design. This was an easy choice for me - Zoya! I have more Zoyas than any other brand. I love the formula, the bottle, and the colors of course are always gorgeous. I always look forward to the seasonal collections they release. 
For my nail look, I created a simple "Grunge Manicure". To achieve this I painted my nails with a coat of Zoya Elisa, then topped it with a coat of Zoya Julianne. I did a clear coat in between to help protect the first layer. Then, using a q-tip dipped in acetone, I rubbed away some of the top layer, exposing the red underneath. A clear coat on top finished the look. Elisa was a perfect color to choose because you really only need one coat, and for my purposes I only needed one coat of Julianne. So I didn't have a ton of layers taking forever to dry. I usually don't like red with purple but I tried to go out of my comfort zone a bit and I'm happy with the results! The shimmer on Julianne gives the whole thing a nice effect. 
I love Grunge manicures, and its fun to experiment with doing them in different colors. What do you think of this manicure? Be sure to check out the favorite brand creations from the other ladies participating in Artsy Wednesday:

What's your favorite nail polish brand?
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  1. zoya have a good rep... still need to try tho! xx

  2. What a gorgeous mani, I really like it a lot :)

  3. Ahh brilliant- I was wondering how you get the color beneath to peek through. I will have to give the grunge mani a try!

  4. This looks FAB and interesting

  5. Alanna PrettyPurplePolishOctober 3, 2012 at 3:44 PM

    I still haven't tried Zoya yet but I've heard good things! :)

  6. Zoya is such a great color! Good choice & I love the grunge mani

  7. Very pretty mani! I don't own any Zoyas at all *sob*

  8. J'adore. Grunge manicures? YEAHHHHHH DAWG


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