Monday, November 5, 2012

The Digit-al Dozen: Music Week Day 1

Time for November's Digit-al Dozen theme week! This month's theme is music. For day one, I doodled some cute little cassette tapes. Remember those? I started off with a base of Andrea's Choice Reverso, then I drew the tapes with a black Kiss nail art pen. I added some color with Color Club Jackie Oh, GOSH Blue Balloon, and Zoya Tracie. What do you think? 
Be sure to check out the musical manis from the other ladies in the Digit-al Dozen: 
Thank you so much for reading! 
All the best, 
P.S- The first cassette tape I ever owned was Ace of Base: The Sign. Haha! What was your first tape?


  1. I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes! hahaha these are super cute!

  2. Yes this has opened up my eyes. Wasn't that a funky song, I remember it so well. I LOVE this. Really well done!

  3. LOVEEEE! And, now that song is stuck in my head! Mine was some Fraggle Rock mix tape! I think I was 5 ;)

  4. Lol I love these! My first tape was Elton John's Greatest Hits (the 1974 release!)

  5. Kirsten (Geeky Owl)November 8, 2012 at 2:51 PM

    Ok, your cassette tape came out so much better than mine! hahaha! I don't remember my first tape.....probably a Disney one I'm sure.


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