Monday, March 24, 2014

The Neutrogena Face Off Challenge!

Recently Neutrogena asked me to participate in the #NeutrogenaFaceOff Challenge! They sent me a package of their Makeup Removal Cleansing Towelettes as well as a crisp, bright white towel. The challenge was simple: snap a picture of my face with makeup on, then wipe with a makeup remover wipe. Then, pay dry with the white towel and see if there was any makeup or residue on the towel. I did as instructed..

As you can see there was a lot of makeup on the wipe.. But none on the towel! I was so impressed with how thoroughly the makeup remover wipes took off all my makeup and basically washed my face! I had a full face of makeup on.. Foundation, blush, liner, and of course lots of mascara! Not a trace remained. I'm glad I took the #NeutrogenaFaceOff challenge.. The wipes definitely passed the test!

*Product provided for review, all opinions are my own :) 


  1. This is a great way to test out makeup wipes! I often find that I still have mascara on when I wash my face with cleanser after using a wipe. I'll have to remember to give the Neutrogena ones a try!

  2. This is my HOLY GRAIL makeup remover! I LOVE their Eye Makeup Remover Lotion, as well! It takes off waterproof in a heartbeat.

  3. This looks amazing! I need to try it!

  4. Wow awesome. I need a better makeup remover wipe!

  5. Wow, took everything off. I'm taking the challenge this week also, hope I have great results.

  6. Sounds like a great product - shame we won't get these in the UK but definitely one to add to my ever growing US shopping list!


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